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mit uns kommen Sie pünktlich und sicher an! We drive you safely and on time!

Airport Service Kaiser KG

welcome to our home page

our mission: we drive you comfortably, timely and safely to your destination on time, whether airport or elsewhere

If you want from the airport Vienna to the city Viennafrom the hotel in Vienna to the airport Vienna, if you want to drive anywhere in the distance of 500 km around our home base in Vienna Airport, if you need a small transportation service or express delivery service, we offer exclusive business service with our own vehicles or an economic or business variant together with our partners.

In general, we offer first class transportation services with drivers for moderate rates.

Limousine-service, passenger transport, delivery services or small transportation for you, your business partners, your friends or family according to your demand, is what we can provide to you, ask us!

Service Overview

1. transfer from/to the Airport Vienna, Hotel, or train/bus terminal, (details)
2. transfer in Vienna, or Vienna surroundings, but also anywhere else, (Vienna or beyond)
3. Europe wide small transport and delivery services, (details)
4. individual event service & special request transfers (contact request)
5. transfer to/from your SPA center or hotel (details)

An introduction to the detailed Services you will find at the page named Services

For your actual request visit the page Request

We offer transfer TO terminals, but in general no pick-up FROM terminals in relation to a scheduled arrival time for bus or train! You can of course book us if you agree to accept additional cost for waiting time in case of late arrival.

we look forward to your request

Helmut Kaiser          

if you are happy with our service tell it to the public, else tell us!

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