Airport Service Kaiser - Personentransport

mit uns kommen Sie pünktlich und sicher an! We drive you safely and on time!

Our Vehicles of Kaiser KG

With our own business class vehicles we drive you discretely, comfortably, conveniently and safely with up to 4 passengers and luggage to your destination.
The cars show no advertising outside. Smoking is not allowed inside the cars.

Business Mercedes GLB

With its flexible space concept the new GLB makes nearly everything possible: from a trip to the mountains to a surftrip by the sea — single or in pair, up to four passangers for a comfortable journey. The second row of sets may be moved up to 14 cm for more passenger comfort or more space for luggage. The back rest of the seats are split into 3 sections in the relation 40:20:40, they can be folded individually or adapted to the passenger sitting position preferences in eight steps of inclination. 
Striking from outside, high quality interior and a top level technical euipment: the GLB supplements the Mercedes line in personality and style. What the GLB promisses from outside it provides with a perfect comfortable chassis, a smart stearing and a very good passenger space offering.

Business Skoda Supurb

The  car is dominated from a extraordinary design. The endowment delivers highest comfort. Also on long distance rides the traveling is relaxed and entertainment is at the best. Elegance and high-tech are combined to its maximum in comfort. Safety systems protect just in case and provide a feeling of safety to all people on board.

Partner Vehicles

In case we can not provide the service you requested with our own cars, we organize bookings for your ride with partners to your demand.

Business services are provided with limousines and small buses with comfortable endowment without advertising on the car. No smoking allowed.

Economy services we provide you with economic cars and small buses with advertising on the car, standard endowment for a reasonable price. No smoking allowed

Business Mercedes-Benz Vito

For five star transport of small groups up to 8 passengers. Big room for the legs on the transfer in a car with most modern technology.

Business Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The comfortable, privacy respecting drive in a business limousine, for a maximum of 4 passengers. Mercedes stands for quality, safety and elegance, exactly what our business customers expect.

Economy Skoda Octavia

The economy line is the most economic option to get to the airport fast and in time. Our economy cars are equipped with the most modern safety standards. Not only in the back of the car our passengers find a huge space offer. The engine of the car is destined to be benchmark in sustainability and environment protection.