Airport Service Kaiser - Personentransport

mit uns kommen Sie pünktlich und sicher an! We drive you safely and on time!

Airport Service request 

  1. The details about our services and rates you can find at the page Services. Use the form "transport request" below to tell us your request
  2. Raise your request 3 days (72 hours) before start of the ride at the minimum! We will return to you by mail with a proposal. You check the proposal and reply by mail to place the order
  3. If you want to book a special offer from our Special Offers and News don't forget to put the reference into field "additional details" of your request!

  4. Upon reception of your order-mail we will send you the order confirmation in response. In this confirmation we will provide you with the final agreed details about price and service.
  5. In case we fail to perform the service with the vehicle we confirmed in the booking due to our failure, we provide a replacement without extra charge to you (e.g. Taxi, different car type, etc.). 

  6. If you prefer to contact us via telephone or e-mail to place your order just enter your name, phone number and e-mail address in the form "callback request". We will contact you shortly for all further information about your demand. 
  7. In case we cannot provide the service you request ourselves we will try to find a solution for you together with one of our partners. The details will be provided by the offer in response to your transport request.
  8. At Airport Vienna we pick you up at the exit. The position where we wait for you, holding a label with your name you find here.

Service payment in case of an order being contracted will be due upon reception of the invoice after the service has been delivered partially or in full. Our drivers are entitled for debt collection.

Unfortunately, we do not provide a children's seat. If you provide one yourself, we can mount it for transport.

We appreciate receiving your request and wish you a pleasant time!