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mit uns kommen Sie pünktlich und sicher an! We drive you safely and on time!

Service Based on Time or Distance

To meet your individual demands we offer services for time and distance, also for several days, with chauffeur.

In some packages a certain distance is included. If the real distance exceeds this, the difference will be charged at the rate per km.

Booking Request or Callback Request


Time Package








Time Booking Limousine, 1-4 passengers, 1-12 hours per day 
(20 km per hour are included)

43 € per hour

49 € per hour

Time Booking Bus, 5-8 passengers, 1-12 hours per day 
(20 km per hour are included)

on request

69 € per hour

For bookings exceeding 12 hours per day, as well as bookings for more than one day we have to calculate additional cost to cover driver accommodation according Optional Services

The rates for calculation of cost in case of exceeding the distance included in the time based packages you find under Optional Services

To have a compulsory offer to your specific request send us the details by Request Form