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Transfer to or from SPA/wellness destinations

Of course, you can book a transfer for a journey to or from your planned wellness destination. We bring you and yor luggage there comfortably, safely and on time.  

Regardless of you are planning your stay internally or externally to Austria we provide you with an individual proposal for the transfer from pick-up to destination and back if you require.

Because we cannot provide a list with all possible destinations, we only provide a set of examples for your orientation about the associated transfer cost you can expect. The calculation assumes that the transfer starts in Vienna and ends at the respective destination. For your special transfer calculate the route with Google Maps to get a non-binding estimate of the distance between start and destination of your planned journey.

The preliminary cost for your tour you can calculate by multiplication of the distance with the rate per km indicated at the optional services page. Please note that the result of the calculation is only approximate information.  For parts of your route which are outside Austria be advised to take the respective rates from the optional services page.

Please note that we are not equipped for special wheelchair transport.





Baden bei Wien

Wien - Baden Niederösterreich 40 km

68 €

Bad Vöslau

Wien - Bad Vöslau Niederösterreich 40 km

68 €

Bad Schönau

Wien - Bad Schönau Niederösterreich 100 km

170 €

Therme Laa an der Thaya

Wien - Laa an der Thaya Niederösterreich 69 km

117 €

Therme Linsberg Asia

Wien - Bad Erlach Niederösterreich 70 km

119 €

Bad Sauerbrunn

Wien - Bad Sauerbrunn Burgenland 71 km

121 €

Reha-Zentrum Kittsee

Wien - Kittsee Burgenland 65 km

111 €

Therme Stegersbach

Wien - Stegersbach Burgenland 146 km

248 €

Therme St.Martin

Wien - Frauenkirchen Burgenland 74 km

126 €

Bad Bleiberg

Wien - Bad Bleiberg Kärnten 381 km

648 €

Bad Eisenkappel

Wien - Bad Eisenkappel Kärnten 319 km

542 €

Warmbad Villach

Wien - Warmbad Villach Kärnten 369 km

627 €

Bad Goisern

Wien - Bad Goisern Oberösterreich 278 km

473 €

Bad Schallerbach

Wien - Bad Schallerbach Oberösterreich 229 km

389 €

Bad Hall

Wien - Bad Hall Oberösterreich 204 km

347 €

Bad Ischl

Wien - Bad Ischl Oberösterreich 287 km

488 €

Bad Häring

Wien - Bad Häring Tirol 435 km

740 €

Therme Längenfeld

Wien - Längenfeld Tirol 566 km

962 €

Bad Hofgastein

Wien - Badhofgastein Salzburg 406 km

690 €

Bad Vigaun

Wien - Bad Vigaun Salzburg 341 km

580 €

Bad Waltersdorf

Wien - Bad Waltersdorf Steiermark 141 km

240 €

Bad Radkersburg

Wien - Bad Radkersburg Steiermark 212 km

360 €

Therme Liopersdorf

Wien - Loipersdorf Steiermark 168 km

286 €

Bad Gleichenberg

Wien - Bad Gleichenberg Steiermark 188 km

291 €

Bad Blumau

Wien - Bad Blumau Steiermark 148 km

252 €

To have a compulsory offer to your specific request send us the details by Request Form