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Optional Services

In the case where the services are not included in a package or the contingent included in the package is exceeded, we calculate additional charges.

Conditions under which the mentioned rates apply you can find in our general terms and conditions (GTC).

If you should have any additional questions don't hesitate to contact us. You best do that by sending us a contact request.

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Optionale Leistungen



Chauffeur 24-hour daily accommodation including overnight:

144 €

144 €

km in Austria: (Economy/Business)

1,55 € / 1,70 €

2,20 €

km foreign country: (Economy/Business)

1,55 € / 1,94 €

2,20 €

waiting time per started 15 minutes

9 €

9 €

Additional address

9 €

9 €

To have a compulsory offer to your specific request send us the details by Request Form