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Express Delivery or Small Transport Service

You may call for delivery of little boxes, documents, or other parts, small enough to fit into a limousine, a bus, or a tender (up to 500 kg), we offer the following to you. The fixed price package may be used for transport between any two locations within the city of Vienna.

Basically, the rates are calculated on the fact that VAT for transport of goods is 10% higher than transport of passengers. This explains the difference between the rates for the City Transfer package.

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 Delivery & Small Transport Package Vienna



Vienna city small transport or delivery (limousine): 


38 €

Vienna city small transport or delivery (trailer): on request


from 40 €

We are pleased to provide such services also for transport within 500 km around our home base in Vienna. We calculate the rate for this according to the range if 15 km are exceeded by the actual distance.

Calculate the route with Google Maps to get a non-binding estimate of the distance between start and destination of your planned journey.

The preliminary cost for your tour you can calculate by multiplication of the distance with the rate per km indicated at the optional services page. Please note that the result of the calculation is only approximate information. Please note also, that the rate per km for delivery and small transport services is calculated with an extra of +10% from the rate for passenger transport.

To have a compulsory offer to your specific request send us the details by Request Form